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A Love Undaunted by a Pandemic

by: Angie Allread

Gone are the days of lingering around the coffee bar catching up with friends, gone are stadiums filled with thousands of people cheering on their favorite football team, and gone is gathering with large groups of people to celebrate life’s occasions and events. But without even realizing it, a young couple’s determination to plan a wedding and get married offers a glimpse of normal during a time when “normal” seems to change almost daily. Despite the unique challenges of planning a wedding during the Covid-19 pandemic, Reagan Whitlock and Kendal Eaton will be married in February 2021. They both acknowledge their steadfast pursuit of God’s will for their lives was what brought them together and what has kept them from ever doubting if now was the right time.

Reagan and Kendal both graduated from Carl Albert High School. They didn’t really know each other in high school, and it was several years after graduating they became friends. It was from the friendship that a dating relationship began, and Reagan remembers, “After the first date, I knew it was not by chance.” She can clearly see God’s hand in every aspect of her life, including how He brought them together. Reagan speaks with such tenderness about Kendal, “I am in awe of his intentionality- he is so good at being selfless.” It is apparent she is absolutely smitten with Kendal’s heart for the Lord and how he is passionate about serving. He helps with the youth, plays drums for the worship team, and goes on mission trips at least once a year. He has been to Nicaragua three times, as well as Mexico, Guatemala, and Kansas City numerous times.

When talking about planning the wedding, Reagan doesn’t count the hurdles they encountered along the way as impossible difficulties, but rather as minor inconveniences. She calmly states, “it could be worse” and confidently acknowledges that the peace she has about proceeding with the wedding comes only from God. They both agreed that one of the difficult decisions they had to overcome involved choosing a venue because of the limited number of people that would be able to attend. Most of the venues have capacity limits that have caused them to cut down the guest list. It is indicative of Kendal and Reagan’s character that they would be concerned with others on their wedding day! In fact, Kendal said his favorite thing about Reagan is, “her heart for people; how much she cares for people.” Finding her dress did present some challenges. She went to several dress shops without success since most were low on stock and had an unknown, long wait time for ordering a dress. So, she just kept looking, kept trusting that she would find one, and sure enough, she did find one and it was on sale!

Not only is Reagan getting married, she is going to college full time and will graduate in May, and she started working full time for Boeing. She laughs when she says, “I just have to wear different hats to keep everything in its correct compartment.” She also serves at church, doing anything that is needed. “I fell in love with the church, with the people, with my Connect Group, and of course, with Kendal,” explains Reagan as she reflects on God’s plan and His presence in her life. Reagan loves that she can serve with Kendal and is excited to see how God will use them. There is also another piece of God’s plan for Reagan’s life that existed before Reagan was even born, her parents were married at FBCC.

“They are such a fun couple,” says Brandon Adams. He was able to peer into the lives of Kendal and Reagan as he took them through pre-marital counseling. Brandon will be officiating the wedding ceremony for the couple. He also said, “I’m proud of them as they demonstrate a commitment to Christ and look to grow together in their relationship with the Lord.”

Because they are so humble, Reagan and Kendall don’t even realize how their story and the upcoming wedding is the good news people need right now. With so much tragedy and loss occurring lately, their sweet story is something that may provide relief and bring a smile to a saddened life. Due to the pandemic, we have become accustomed to bad news, but the reality is that joyous events are still happening. Babies are being born, couples are getting engaged, and weddings still happen; we have been too busy necessarily tending to the ugly that is around us to take notice and celebrate. As we are beginning to see a possible way out of this pandemic, take heart and be encouraged as Kendal reminds us, “Even when it’s a tough time like the pandemic, seek God’s plan, don’t be afraid or doubting.”

The church will be hosting a come-and-go wedding shower for Reagan and Kendal on February 7th from 2-4 PM. The shower will be held in the Activities Center. They are registered at Target and Bed, Bath & beyond. The following links will help you access their registry:

Bed, Bath & Beyond:

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