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We want to make the Bible, theology, and spiritual transformation accessible to everyone through the discipleship environments in our church. 

Our discipleship classes meet every Wednesday night at 6:15 pm in our adult education space. We will host a preview night for our discipleship classes on January 11th at 6:30 p.m. in the Upper Room. Spring classes will begin January 18th, 2022 and will meet from 6:15-7:30 p.m. Read more about all 6 of our fall discipleship classes below. 

Bible Lessons

Truthfilled (Study of Colossians)

Teacher: Steva Finch

Open to women only

Cost: $20 (covers book)

Many of us want God’s Word to dwell richly in us, but life can get in the way.


We’d never intentionally write chapters of confusion, failure, loss, pain, conflict, or suffering into our stories. No one plans to wrestle with her identity in Christ, to struggle to love her husband, to feel lonely in ministry, or to feel helpless in motherhood. Yet we often find ourselves in these seasons, struggling to embrace the gospel hope we need to fill our discouraged souls. 


This study will lead participants through a practice of preaching gospel truth to ourselves by studying Paul’s example. In every changing season of life, we can rest in God’s character, rehearse our identity in Christ, respond in faith, and remember God’s provision for us. In today’s culture, there’s no shortage of self help, easy fixes, and worldly advice, but only the truth of God’s Word was meant to fill you up and satisfy you fully.



Truthfilled course book


Mama Bear Apologetics

Teacher: Julie Adams and Linsey Liles

Open to women only

Cost: $20 (covers book)

The problem with lies is they don’t often sound like lies. They seem harmless, and even sound right. So what’s a Mama Bear to do when her kids seem to be absorbing the culture’s lies uncritically?

Mama Bear Apologetics™ is the book you’ve been looking for. This mom-to-mom guide will equip you to teach your kids how to form their own biblical beliefs about what is true and what is false. Through transparent life stories and clear, practical applications—including prayer strategies—this band of Mama Bears offers you tools to train yourself, so you can turn around and train your kids.

Are you ready to answer the rallying cry, “Mess with our kids and we will demolish your arguments”?  Join the Mama Bears and raise your voice to protect your kids—by teaching them how to think through and address the issues head-on, yet with gentleness and respect.

mama bear.jpg

God's Design for the Church

Teacher: Jesse Auwen

Open to men only

Cost: free

What is the purpose of the church? Why does the church gather? What do the ordinances (the Lord's Supper and Baptism) mean? Who leads the church? Why are there different denominations? What distinguishes a true church from a false church? It is crucial that believers are able to understand the nature and mission of the church as they actively participate in the life of the church. When we look to Scripture as our guide for thinking about the church, we find that God loves His church and has much to say in the Bible about what His design for the church is. Join Jesse Auwen for an introductory study on the doctrine of the church and learn what the nature and marks of a true church is. 

god's design for the church 2023.jpg

Jesus in the Old Testament

Teacher: Mark Walters

Open to men and women

Cost: free

Was Jesus silent and unseen in the Old Testament waiting for the New Testament to unfold? Jesus is present in the New Testament in the Gospels and reflected upon in the letters to the churches, but what about the Old Testament? 

In this study, we will discover that Jesus is found in the pages of the Old Testament. Join Mark Walters for this study on the presence of Christ in the Old Testament.  

jesus in the old testament.jpg

Overview of the New Testament
(Telling God's Story Part 2)

Teacher: Andy Finch

Open to men and women

Cost: $30 (covers book)

The Bible is a very large book, and it’s easy for readers to miss the forest for the trees. Just as a hiker needs a map to guide them along their way, so Bible readers need ‘terrain maps’ to set each story, law, prophecy, psalm, and letter in its proper context. Telling God’s Story, is a clear, accurate, and engaging guidebook for God’s incredible redemption story. Its readable narrative and helpful photos, maps, and charts will lead readers through the twists and turns of the grand drama—from creation to new creation in Revelation. 


Pastor Andy will lead this year-long class in both the Fall (11 weeks in the Old Testament) and the Spring (11 weeks in the New Testament).  The goal is for you to understand and enjoy the overall story of the Bible, to see how it all fits together, to be more capable and confident in sharing it with others, and to be a better-equipped student of God's Word for the rest of your life.  This class requires reading about 10-20 pages per week, but the reading is easy to follow and very interesting and informative.  The class is for Bible beginners and long-time Christians who want to go deeper and understand the story of the Bible better than ever before. 


Telling God's Story course book


The Training Program

Teacher: Miles Woods

Open to men and women

Cost: $70 (covers books)

IIf you desire to learn more about the story of the Bible, Christian theology, and how what we believe changes the way we live, the Training Program is for you. The Training Program's curriculum is designed to equip you in areas of biblical interpretation, systematic theology, and spiritual formation with the goal of strengthening your love of Scripture, expanding your knowledge of God, and deepening your walk with Christ. The program lasts 24 weeks with two semesters ranging from September-December and January-April and meets weekly from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Enroll in the Training Program and find your place in God's story. . 


Training Program Course Guide with Reading List

The Training Program.png
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