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A Challenging Weekend

by: Tim Sikes

Amid the thwacking of axes hitting on (or near) their targets, bean bags sliding across cornhole boards, loud cheers of triumph and groans of defeat, bullets discharging from guns and the sizzle of “man-sized” steaks on the grill, 70+ men gathered for a time of fellowship, prayer, praise, and challenge at FBC Choctaw Men’s Retreat.

In a world where men seem to be unlikely to lead, volunteer, give to the church, pray or share their faith, it was refreshing to see men standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other men not only to have a good time, but also to be challenged and encouraged to be leaders and to seek a better relationship with God, their families, and other men.

Yes, there was “preaching” but less like a sermon and more like reminders of things many know to be true. Todd Fisher (Immanuel Baptist Shawnee) reminded our men that the Bible is our instruction book for life, marriage, parenting. “Not only do you need these instructions, but you also need to obey them. Men should walk worthy of the calling that God has placed on their life.”

This requires, of course, that you find your calling.  He asked “does the fruit of your life balance out with your calling in Christ? There is nothing more important than the calling that the Lord has on your life.” In marriage, men have reminded “the grass is not greener on the other side, the grass is greener where you water it. Do you want a great marriage? Put down the phone and spend time with your wife.” This is something all of us could stand to learn.

Outside of the good times and Todd’s reminders, our men had the privilege of hearing from four of their fellow brothers in Christ. Jeremy Coombs shared “in anything we have two options to win or learn. We don’t lose. That’s how we should face our walk with God.” Steve Huff shared his testimony and encouraged the room full of men, “Let’s go out and do stuff. Let’s serve our Savior together.” Chris Seagreaves left the room with a profound yet simple charge, “have faith and trust Him.”  Finally, Paul Lockhart said that like the other three he was personally excited to see a room full of men, that were excited and wanting to be a part of God’s work. “If you want to be involved in kingdom work, you have to find your (spiritual) gift.” Anyone can find their spiritual gifts by going to where you can find a free assessment tool.

Be sure that you put the next Men’s Retreat on your calendar. You definitely won’t want to miss it.


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